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Jewelers Block, Member, Jewelers Security Alliance

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Jewelers are targeted by criminals who have unique experience in jewelry theft. Statistically, jewelers can face a $10,000 - $85,000 loss or much more.

Jewelers benefit from comprehensive coverage that takes into consideration of the unique exposures that confront the industry. The IAS Jewelers Block exclusive national program offers clients a wide selection of loss prevention and safety services. The objective is to reduce risk, control losses and protect your Balance Sheet.

We understand your industry, and are ready to service your specific needs with one of our specifically developed jewelry-related loss prevention and safety programs. Our deep industry knowledge coupled with our primary carriers' reputation for offering comprehensive and customized insurance programs creates a unique advantage in servicing the jewelry industry.

The IAS Jewelers Block Program offers the following services:

  • Recommendations on pre-employment screening, background checks, drug testing
  • Employee awareness, response to various external or internal theft exposures
  • Employee safety procedures for safe opening and closings, burglar alarm response
  • Facility housekeeping standards for customer and employee safety
  • Burglary prevention programs and alarm-testing procedures
  • Burglar alarm, safe and vault specifications and ratings
  • Installation and use of hold-up alarms or other local alarm devices
  • Recommendations on proper inventory or materials documentation
  • Security and safety of employees/salespersons during off-premise events
  • Closed-circuit TV installations and recording requirements
  • Lock and key controls/showcase security/access control
  • Fine jewelry security requirements/disciplines
  • Shrinkage control programs
  • Business interruption preparation and assistance
  • Assistance with new construction or remodel systems design
  • OSHA compliance as it relates directly to your business
  • Fire protection systems and related equipment/training
  • Risk improvement assessments
Assisting you in maintaining a safe, secure and profitable jewelry business is the ultimate goal of the IAS Jewelers Block team.

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Insurance coverage for the precise needs of jewelry stores in one portfolio package. Whether you are a single location or large multi-state chain, our insurance carrier relationships have been helping jewelry businesses for more than 100 years. Talk about industry knowledge! The IAS Retail Insurance Program provides outstanding protection for retail jewelry businesses. It combines broad property, liability, commercial auto, umbrella, and in most states, workers compensation coverage. It also includes protection specifically designed for jewelry stores such as:
  • Jewelers Block Policy - covers jewelry merchandise, as well as non-jewelry items and normal retail store coverages.
  • Premises Liability Coverage - protects you from losses caused by bodily injury or destruction of property suffered by customers or other non employees on your premises.
  • Peak Season Coverage - protects you against the added risk of higher inventories of merchandise during peak selling seasons.
  • Patterns, Dies & Molds Coverage - protects your "tool of the trade" against theft or loss
  • Business Income Loss Protection - protects you against loss of income from business interruption for up to 12 months, and pays the cost of necessary extra expenses to keep you in business.
  • Accounts Receivable Coverage - protects you from losses resulting from the destruction or loss of credit card records.
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If your operations include any of the above, we've got that covered too. Large or small operations of manufacturers have specialized risks and we understand these as well. No need to explain these unique requirements. In addition to our standard application package, however, we will need additional information which can be obtained in a follow-up interview with you.

SUPERIOR CLAIMS SERVICE: Our claim representatives understand the nature of your business. They recognize how difficult a business shut-down would be. While our service is fast, responsive, and fair, our ultimate goal is to minimize your business disruption so you can get back to full operation as quickly as possible.

Easy Access to this unique set of coverages: Integrated Assurance Solutions, LLC, an affiliate of Dowell Insurance Agency, Inc., has experience in writing jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, special event, designer coverages and retail operations. We are intimately familiar with the specific needs of this client group as well as the issues that are being faced within the industry today. Working together with reputable, financially sound, national insurance carriers, the IAS Jewelers Block Program coverage offers you a dedicated, experienced team of underwriters, superior products and prompt service, all dedicated to the protection of your Balance Sheet.

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If your operations include sterling silver or gold plated finished goods, a specialized jewelry business owner’s policy is usually available with broader coverages and less restrictions than a traditional Jewelers Block Policy might offer. Additional information to determine eligibility for this exclusive Program can be obtained in a follow-up consultation.

Would you like to receive a no-obligation, preliminary indication of availability and applicability of coverages for your business?  If so, then fill out our secure questionnaire. You'll be taken to a secure area to answer only a few key questions.  Then we'll get back to you.

Have any questions? Or maybe interested in the coverages for your business? Please let us know and we will try to help. Just fill in the simple form below, and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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