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Consulting Services

logosIAS and Dowell both utilize fully integrated, out-sourced services for financial analysis, reporting, and various project-oriented tasks.

Outsourcing allows for critical business and/or personal needs to be immediately handled - whether insurance products are a beginning or a conclusion. Business planning with experienced partners helps maximize the financial viability of creative visions and business evolutions.

Whether a client or association is in need of business planning as an advisory framework or personal one-on-one budget analysis, IAS and Dowell can refer these services to help solve clients' current and long-term needs. We provide business consultation from task to partnered resources for business operations to corporations ranging in size from small to Fortune 500. We also provide individual services focused on wealth-building tools which may be needed for managing day-to-day financial budgeting, asset leveraging, and personal investment management.

Securing future needs and protecting the vital interest of program managers and associations are the principle objectives for success. Providing variable financial solutions versus fixed-cost maintenance is only one of the ways we may be of assistance.

Support sessions and consulting arrangements can be arranged through your IAS or Dowell representative.

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